Rachel Nyberg's Website

Birthday/Christmas Ideas 
I'm often asked what Rachel actually needs for Christmas or her birthday. Here's a wish list that her therapists and nurses have helped come up with. I'll also always have her current clothing sizes listed on this page.

Shirts: 10 or L Girls- Hoods are okay now but please no buttons or big unmoveable bows in the back, ties are okay because we sometimes will tie them in the front instead. Rachel needs longer shirts. Make it easier for when we're carrying her. So skinny shirts are fine if they're long.
Now she'll be getting a brace her shirts will have to be looser/stretchier or long, cotton T-shirts without embellishment to go inside her brace.

Pants: size 10, capris are always great
Shorts: I'm having problems with shorts and skirts because they are sooo short! Rachel's diaper is rather large and she can wear a size 10 a lot of the time. Also clunky buckles at the top of shorts or pants can poke Rachel in the stomach when she's sitting in her chair. But a cute skirt with built in shorts would be a great find!
Warm fuzzy socks- even ones that are a little big are okay because then we put them on over her SMO's.
Summer PJ's or even just cute Pajama pants.
Or a gift certificate for Old Navy or Kohls is great too.

Art supplies/Craft projects

She likes horse movies (Black Beauty etc) Anne of Green Gables and she's now a Star Wars fan. ;)

Elementary age books and DVDs - movies are great because they're always on in the background and they get little repetitive for the nurses and Rachel after a while so fresh ones are always appreciated.