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Rachel might be out of the woods? 
Kaleigh finally got rid of the fever but now Wendy had to go home today with a 103 degree fever. (Rachel's full time PCA) She's pregnant so the only thing she can take is Tylenol but she's allergic to that. Please keep her in your prayers over the next couple of days.
Rachel's still ok so far, thanks for your prayers, they're very appreciated. :)

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Kaleigh's got it all figured out 
When Kaleigh wants to get out of her playpen first she calls "Dada!" Then when that doesn't work she starts fake coughing. She must figure since Rachel gets attention every time she coughs that it will work for her too. Smart little stinker for only one and a half. ;)

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Welcome Baby Kaden! 
Kaden was born last Thursday and Rachel was right that Kari would have a boy! He was 7lbs 3oz and so cute with beautiful skin and a perfect little nose.
Rachel, Mom, and I visited Kari and Kaden in the hospital today. Rachel was so excited. She was smiling the entire time we were riding in the car and when we got to Kari's room. Rachel was looking at Kaden while Mom was holding him across the room. Rachel smiled when she got to hold him. I wheeled Rachel's chair next to Kari's bed then Rachel was "telling" Kari all about what had been going on while she was gone and was holding on tight to her finger.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Happy Birthday Hudson!! 
:) ;) :) :p ;) :)

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Kaleigh started walking last night!

Yay Kaleigh!!

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Corbin's Outta Space! 
Hi All!
As many of you know Corbin is Rachel's boyfriend from when they were both in inpatient therapy together down in Duluth. Miller Dwan had some experience with pediatric cases but they hadn't had kids as young as ours for a very long time. (Rachel had just turned two and Corbin was almost a year and a half.) So you can imagine what the chances were for both of us to be there at the exact same time! I feel we were definately brought together for a reason.
So if you could, Caradie has gone through the process of submitting an application through the ABC Extreme Home Makeover website but if you would check out her petition here, that would be great. They have three boys in one little house and the whole family has sacrificed so much to help out the Corbmeister, so please check it out!

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Congrats Naomi and Ryan! 
This weekend we picked up Hudson from camp and Luke and I went to Naomi and Ryan's wedding. We got a new camera on Wednesday so we have a bunch of pictures already, here's just a few.

Here's Naomi looking gorgeous:

Here's Rachel on the car trip down to get Hudson:

And Hudson and Karina asleep on the way back home after our busy weekend.

We also had fun taking pictures of Gage, Rachel's cousin when we watched him the day before.

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Welcome Gage Garrett! 
Rachel has a new cousin! Gage was born at 4:45 this morning. He's 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. Congratulations Erin and Greg!

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Kaleigh Pics 

Here's Kaleigh in her Mad Bomber hat.

Here's Kaleigh doing a good job holding her head up.

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Busy Weekend 
Pretty last minute the kids and I went down to Duluth on Saturday afternoon. Luke stayed up north to go black powder hunting. I brought Hudson and Kaleigh to Hudson's friend's birthday party while Grandma watched Rachel. Then Hudson picked out a Christmas tree with Grandpa. We all made Christmas cookies and even Rachel helped measure ingredients. Then we went to church the next morning and afterwards decorated the Christmas tree and by that time it was already time to go back up north! (We had to leave by three.) I also got to sew up some blankets for Rachel's future cousin that's due next month! So sorry to all the people in Duluth that I didn't touch base with, it was last minute and the weekend was already pretty rushed.

Here's all three watching TV.

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